Architectural Design – Supervision

Every customer is uniquely treated in such a way so as to suit their own profile and desires with the utmost care and effectiveness, regardless of the size of the architectural object. The supervision of the work takes place in a meticulous and diligent way until the desired result is effected.


According to our principles, we take on the construction of projects which have come out as a result of our prompt, diligent and high quality work. Likewise, with the same effectiveness and professionalism we take on the construction of any project which has already been studied (by other Architects). In this way, we provide our customers with the opportunity to have additional studies about various specialized parts of the projects. Our work is based on professionalism and excellent quality combined with ideal prices.

Project management

Project management is included in the package of the services provided. Project management can be carried out either on studies conducted by our team or by any other Architects. We make significant decisions on behalf of the ‘’owner of the project’’ taking on the responsibility of finding the right constructors and crews as well as defining the ideal pricing for every different part of the project or of the project as a whole. Furthermore, we monitor the work in progress according to the timetables. We arrange insurance premiums, special licences and network connections. Last, but not least, we monitor the functions of the installations and the facilities of the project completed in order to ensure excellent results in its future use.